Joffrey 'Choreographers' filled with adventure

The concept of contemporary ballet opens up a whole new universe, not just of hybrid vocabularies but of limitless subjects — the timeless verities of the flash mob, for instance. Not to mention a whole new world of music. That spirit of adventure marks the Joffrey Ballet's "Contemporary Choreographers" program, running through Feb. 23 at the Auditorium. Just for starters, the music for its three works — all created in this century — ranges from (French rock band) M83 to (classical composer) Gyorgy Ligeti to a recorded Christina Rossetti poem.

The Milwaukee Ballet's Winter Series

Ballet Mauro Photo

Inside Milwaukee

February 17, 2012

By Paul Kosidowski

Romance was in the air Thursday night as the Milwaukee Ballet opened its Winter Series at the Pabst Theatre. But it wasn’t your usual St. Valentine’s Day schmaltz. Featuring three world premieres by three choreographers, the program offered very different variations on themes of love and longing.

Milwaukee Ballet's Winter Brilliance

February 23, 2012

By John Schneider

Giordano gives powerhouse premiere of local choreographer's new piece

Jarrett Kelly and Maeghan McHale in Brock Clawson's "Give and Take"

Chicago Sun Times

March 16, 2009

By Hedy Weiss - Dance Critic

No need to go shopping far and wide for choreographic talent. Sometimes it's right under your nose.

That is what dance companies in Chicago have been discovering in recent years as they increasingly foster and showcase the work of local dancers who have turned their energies to dancemaking. The latest case in point is Brock Clawson, who has worked extensively with Thodos Dance Chicago and now has created a real whopper of a new work for Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago.

Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago

Chicago Reader

By Laura Molzahn

Just a year after the death of founder Gus Giordano, the 46-year-old company releases a torrent of mostly upbeat energy. Brock Clawson's new piece about relationships, Give and Take, is hardly all sweetness and light, but its five couples bring vigor and feeling to Clawson's whiplash emotional turns. All that churning is laid over the bones of a solid, satisfying structure: Clawson, a relative newcomer to choreography, seems to have an exceptional grasp of repetition, variation, canon movement--and the element of surprise.

Thodos' eclectic expressions

Chicago Tribune

March 3, 2008

Reinking 'ode' an enhancement By Lucia Mauro SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE A thin veil of melancholy was figuratively draped over Thodos Dance Chicago's weekend concert at the Athenaeum Theatre, though that's not to say the program was maudlin or overly meditative. Appropriately titled "Inspiring Expressions," the evening took on a vaguely introspective and eclectic aura, with some dances speaking more potently than others.

Thodos Dance Chicago In New Dances 2005

Chicago Sun Times

June 27, 2005

At The Ruth Page Center For The Arts Theater By Hedy Weiss - Dance Critic

"We are a company of dance performers and creators, and we can only grow if we work in all areas of dance," said Melissa Thodos. She was introducing New Dances 2005, the program of eight new works performed this weekend at the Ruth Center for the Arts. All but one of the pieces was choreographed by dancers in her company, Thodos Dance Chicago.